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  • Moving Into Storage

    Need to move your pool table into storage? Move your pool table to your garage or to on offsite storage facility. We've got you covered.

  • Moving Out Of Storage

    If you have a new or used pool table in storage we can move it out of storage and set it up for you. Professional set up & leveling included.

  • One Location To Another

    Whether you're moving, selling or buying we can get that pool table moved to or from wherever you need. Call to find out the cost.

The Cost Of Moving Billiards Equipment

The cost will depend on a few different variables such as distance of the move, type of pool table (1 piece or 3 piece slate), size of the table and whether or not it is a move with set up or just going into or out of storage. We will be happy to help you with a free pool table moving quote, just call.


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We offer pro billiards services to all of the Greater Chicago Area. Please call to get a free estimate for our services.


What we do.

Need a pool table moved? Get professional moving help to ensure damage free pool table moving and proper pool table set up.


The cost of re-felting a pool table really depends on what type of cloth you want to use.

Simonis cloth is the top of the line when it comes to high end billiards.


Used Pool Table

Upgrade a used pool table with:

  • new felt
  • new pockets
  • new rails (cushions)


  • Felt
  • Call For Price
  • New Felt
  • Feels Like
  • A New Table
  • Better Play
  • Looks Beautiful
  • Sign Up
  • Storage
  • $250
  • Professional Breakdown or
  • Professional Setup
  • Move Into or
  • Move Out of
  • Storage
  • Sign Up
  • Moves
  • $330
  • Professional Breakdown
  • Transport
  • Installation
  • Expert Levelling
  • Enjoy
  • Sign Up

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Billiards Supplies
Posted on April 16, 2014 by: Joseph in

A great way to get back in the game is to gather up some new equipment. Get a new cue up up your billiards game!

You might be surprised on how much a new cue will pep your game up. Besides having a new cue, make sure the tip is in good condition as well. If the tip is old, uneven and worn out, take it in to have a new tip installed. It is a simple fix and changes the play dramatically.

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If your gonna get new pool playing equipment you’re gonna need to find a good billiards store.

Get all the billiards supplies that you need and also stock up on the latest sale items.

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Used Billiards Tables
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